Don Milagro y Bean-field Oyama-san

IMG_3116 2.jpeg
Don “Milagro”, “Bean-field” Oyama-san y art groupie “Seldom Seen” Bob gathered at Bean-field’s opening 
photo credit, Lisa Iceberg


Don “Milagro” Roberts
Are you

Hunkered down

Sheltered in place
Self quarantined
Socially distanced

Low on toilet paper & hand sanitizer?

How dare they include me in the “most vulnerable” category. I never signed up for that. Don’t care to join.

But worse than all that, they closed the ski lifts today. Bastids.
John Nichols in Taos. Cool. How did you recognize him? Was he stealing books? Great bar photos, great hand-painted signs.
“Bean-field” Oyama-san