Sanford And Son

What a fine series .. Fred Sanford and Lamont… I loved this show.

sanford-son truck-courtesy of sitcomsonline

 Sanford & Son: 1951 Ford F-1

We all know that familiar funky intro theme song that plays over the opening credits of “Sanford & Son” as well as the faded, red 1951 Ford F-1 truck … but did you know the music was composed by Quincy Jones and called “The Streetbeater?” Nice little trivia, and quite possibly the name of the truck!

What looks like rescue itself, the perfectly weathered pickup is completely in step with the crusty character of Fred Sanford (played perfectly by Redd Foxx) – it’s been around the block a more than a few times, has seen its share of hard knocks, and still manages to get the job done picking up heavy loads.

Sanford & Son premiered as a sitcom in 1972 and ran for five seasons through 1977 on NBC and featured Sanford and his son Lamont (Demond Wilson) as second-hand junk dealers operating a salvage yard in south central Los Angeles.


Perhaps it also was best known for its snide remarks and sarcastic quips about the government and hard-working folks trying to make a living. The show was also known for its bigotry and controversial topics (think along the lines of Archie Bunker which aired on CBS at the same time), but also was made popular for its catchphrases that caught on in mainstream culture. You know the one, dummy!

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