Musings from the border lands … Eric Ming ~ Descanso’s

Eric is a San Juan desperado, writer, photographer, husband, skier, climber and gentleman of the world. Eric recently was transferred to the border lands of Colorado/New Mexico by The Man (Forest Service) to work in El Rito, N.M.  He’s threatened to pass on spontaneous art, ideas, photos, opinions, bar stories or whatever he wants for rŌbert aficionados to enjoy.

Yesterday driving this rough Forest road 15 miles north of El Rito going up to Canjilon Lakes I came across a shrine that had been reconstructed in a 330 year old Ponderosa (I counted the rings) that the fire crew had decided was a hazard tree so they cut it down.
I asked my boss why they bothered to put that 500+ pound chunk of trunk back in place for the Jesus images. He told me the sites are where the soul goes to rest and apparently the resting site was there before, so after taking down the tree they had to rebuild the Descanso.
Shrines are generally found on the highways where someone plowed off the road at 70  and that’s where the soul comes to rest, but this spot on this hideously cobbled road that even my Forest Service truck has trouble is the location . I don’t know how this soul died so far back in the Carson National Forest, but makes you wonder.

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