One thought on “Baja California Sur

  1. We are cool and cloudy here in Nayarit. Been 70s to 80s w/ clouds and Sou’westerlies for 2 days now. Crazy swell from 4 different directions: SSW, WNW, S and SSW; some building, some fading but all w/ mostly shorter periods. Cool water temps as well… 77F according to surfline but feels colder to me…. Looks like all is well at Rancho Deperado and you have the Pisco to get ya through the warmer months…. Abrazos de Casa Gaviota, ryland gardner Calle Alta Vista 27 Punta del Burro Nayarit, MX 63734 or 500 Northstar Ct. Boulder, CO 80304 303-810-9150 Las Olas LLC, NOLS and Paragon Guides


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