Official Storm Report from the Rio Blanco Avalanche Center

Snowing in RB…. 4CM on the snow board.. a board that’s part of the picnic table…  you got it first and direct from the RB Avalanche  Center… (please check out the director’s winter’s storm footwear)
Director Timto Lane
The new hatch (The Brit’s twin sons) of Rio Blanco Avalanche Center Interns.
“Applying for salvo conducto (safe pipe/Travel) to get to Jumbo for Mango juice, Mal Paso (pisco) and Boulder Potato Chips…. no sun for next five days and the water pipes frozen…..thought the Brit’s attitude to improve with Solstice … but no, can’t flush the toilet…”
Abrazos, Timto


la noche asado at the avalanche center

crédito total, the Brit


“Haha I love the RBAC report. Glad the Brit is there to document and support.”

Lynne Wolfe
editor, The Avalanche Review


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