Summer climate forecast & monsoon update from Joe Ramey, Mountain Weather Master and former meteorologist with the NWS

Former National Weather Forecaster in Grand Junction and currently unemployed Mountain Weather Masters forecaster just sent a summer garden update and a look into the future of our summer weather in the San Juan Mountains
rŌbert, Head Master
Our garden is about to explode with squash and tomatoes, probably early July. So if you venture down into the bottom country, stop by and get your organics. Squash bugs are on the run, but never fully eliminated. Pear and plum trees are loaded too for August-September. Miraculously we have a handful of apricots that survived the late hard freeze; not enough to even make a dessert, but still. Apples too got way thinned for which we are thankful.
Footnote, Our chiles and peppers are doing poorly again. They are doing less poor on the rows with buddhist prayer flags. I am not claiming causation but there is correlation.
On climate, severe to extreme drought has enveloped us with no chances for improvement seen into the near future.
The seasonal outlook issued June 17, shows a strong chance of a warm summer with no good precipitation signal or sign of a developing monsoon flow..
Joe riding during monsoon season in Grand Junction

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