One Man’s Truth: Donald Trump, “The Best Possible Thing..”. ~ Bedlam Farm


by Jon Katz



I don’t mean to break up anyone’s pity party, but if you care to know what is happening to our country, I’d suggest stepping way back to learn how Donald Trump and at least four separate crises may very well be bringing back the American Dream.

In my humble corner of the world,   we lazy, timid and complacent citizens are getting the ass-kicking we need and deserve to awaken us to the promise of our quite wonderful country, still great after all these years.

The grim part is our daily, round-the-clock awareness of so many national failures at once – the tragic and unnecessary bungling of the coronavirus, racism, a hallowed out federal government, health care, and the crumbling economy.

It’s a lot to endure.

But as always happens with challenge, there is a great opportunity. “A Republic, if they can keep it,” said Benjamin Franklin.

Donald Trump, who has chosen to be an avatar of racial resentment and human neglect, has been outed and revealed by the crises he faces.

He’s sinking by the day, proving almost every time he opens his mouth that his niece Mary Trump got it right; he is not fit to lead.

Yesterday, the father of the Chlorox Cure looked an interviewer right in the eye and said he had been right about the virus much more than anyone, including Dr. Fauci.

He can’t empathize, he can’t manage his way out of a paper bag, he surrounds himself with amoral sycophants and has wedded himself to the failed and darkest impulses of our tormented country.

It doesn’t get much lower than that. History will know him for it.

But look at the good he has spawned.

White Americans have suddenly awakened to the startling news that blacks have been right all along – racism in America does exist, and if you don’t believe it, there are some videos for you to watch.

The pandemic, along with the video,  has become a deadly but powerful force for truth and change. I wonder if, in some Biblical way, this year is the price we had to pay for electing someone like Donald Trump in the first place.

If you believe in voodoo, someone stuck a doll in us. We had it coming.

Americans are learning how important government can be, and how crucial free health care is. There’s a difference between shaking things up and recklessly destroying them.

As they get furloughed and laid off by the millions, their health care cut off, their savings gone, they know how important a fair and balanced economy is, and how much a rational and caring leader can mean.

And perhaps most important, Americans are learning that you aren’t to blame if you find yourselves poor and vulnerable.

We are learning that the country can’t work any longer if it’s just for the white, the male, the rich. More and more of us are accepting that. The culture of whiteness is fading out, even dying. They will not go quietly, and they are not going quietly.

But still, some form of affordable health care reform is now inevitable, immigrants have never had more sympathy and support, the Dreamers are still with us,  communities all over the country are re-imagining, not defunding,  policing, and the President is lying and denying himself into the biggest imaginable kind of hole.

His many enemies didn’t figure out how to do him in, he did it all by himself. Go figure. Perhaps he will learn that he isn’t a stable genius after all.

I know the pundits love to say anything can happen, but I think it’s too late for this poor and broken man. Just look at him, his face tells all of it. He’s done.

I have no crystal ball, but the evidence is pointing to a landslide by Joe Biden, and there is great momentum building for a takeover of the Senate as well.

None of these things would be happening if we didn’t have such a lousy year or such a nasty, loony-toons leader.

When the country is clamoring for truth and guidance, he offers none.

When the country needs to hear from doctors and scientists, they are silenced and undermined. When the country needs to learn how to heal its racial wounds, they are being opened almost daily.

And when the country needs to stop honoring the defenders of slavery, they are being guarded by roving men in green, who hide behind their federal riot gear, they are the President’s new personal palace guard.

President Trump has gone off the rails, his ranting about saving our civilization sounds like cartoon dialogue out of Batman or Dick Tracy.

What he is doing is persuading more Americans every day that voting him out of office is what saving civilization means.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is three times more popular than the President, and a hundred times more respected.

And he’s right about Trump: the President’s cowardly and juvenile campaign against him is hurting him, not helping.

Some politicians speak out of both sides of their mouth, Trump speaks out of five or six.

Why is this bad news a reason for hope and excitement?


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