Obama Proposes Cancelling White House’s Cable to Get Trump to Leave ~ The New Yorker

Barack Obama.
Photograph by Andreas Gebert / dpa / Alamy

“This is a man who enjoys watching television,” Obama told reporters. “What if, on Inauguration Day, he picks up the remote and nothing comes on?”

“This seems like the most peaceful way to get him to go,” Obama said.

Obama also said that, in order to avoid a constitutional crisis, the White House’s supply of Diet Coke could also be cut off, but added, “I don’t think it will come to that.”
“Once it dawns on him that there’s no cable, his days will stretch out before him in a vista of emptiness,” Obama said. “No ‘Fox & Friends.’ No Tucker Carlson. And no Shark Week.”

“He’ll be on the next helicopter out,” Obama predicted.

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