Colorado reports ‘bonkers’ increase of 2,400 percent in early voting ~ The Hill

More than 300,000 Colorado voters have already cast their ballots for the Nov. 3 elections, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced Thursday. 

Griswold announced the news in a tweet, adding that this number was “24 times more than at this point in 2016.”

The data, calculated based on ballots sent in by Wednesday evening, came with 20 days left before the general elections. At this time in 2016, just 12,141 people had voted, a spokeswoman for Griswold told the Denver Post

In Colorado, which mails a ballot to every registered voter, the new voting numbers mark a 2,377 percent increase in early turnout this year compared with 2016, a rise Democratic political consultant Craig Hughes called “bonkers,” according to the Post. 

“It’s great for democracy to see so many Coloradans making their voices heard,” Griswold told the news outlet. “Even with ballots still being mailed this week to registered voters, turnout is 24 times higher than at this point in 2016.”

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