A New World Order?

JR.  I was having a discussion with Chino Martinez and John Clendenin, both of the Aspen Mtn. Ski School about the evolution of ski teaching.  

Chino is currently featured in the current issue of Forbes Magazine; so appropriately “Aspen” !I also shared this email response with Dick Dorworth.  

He suggested I share it with the rŌbert Report. If you wish…..    It is getting on time to start thinking about all things snow.
God Damn a Potato !Burnie

To Chino Martinez, international and global ski guide. Is it time to embrace a New World Order of Ski Instruction ?

Chino,   In the New World Order you will become a
Shaman of Skiing.  Your job will be to research how we perceive the universe and how we build
our values and beliefs and subsequently arrive 
at our sense of TRUTH.
Your skiing Demos, PSIA certifications, Aspen
Ski School Passport do not mean shit anymore !
Now you must understand WHY you ski.
Your skis or clothes or boots or fancy sunglasses,
they don’t mean fuck all anymore either.
Now you must understand your RELATIONSHIP
to the cosmos. Its up to you as a shaman how
you wish to manifest and express your love.

xo, Burnie

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