Intense snow on Saturday night and more storms to follow ~ OpenSnow

Friday will be the final day of dry weather. Then on Saturday morning, showers will form over the southern mountains, with intense snow from Saturday evening through Sunday morning. After a lull on Sunday, another round of snow should arrive on Sunday night and continue through Monday. Total accumulations still look like 20-40 inches in the south.

Saturday evening & Saturday night

This is when we’ll see a period of intense snow as a cold front moves from west-to-east across Colorado. Wind gusts could be very strong, over 50mph, and snowfall rates could be 1-3 inches per hour thanks to the combination of a lot of moisture, the cold front, and some convection (warmer air rising which is what also drives summertime thunderstorms).

Total accumulations by Sunday morning should be 10-20 inches in the southern mountains.


This will be a lull in the storm. There could still be some snow showers especially in the southern mountains thanks to a favorable wind from the southwest, but I am not expecting significant accumulations. 

Sunday night – Tuesday morning

The second part of the storm will move through. It will track over the southern mountains so this area will be favored for another 10-20 inches of accumulation.

Storm Totals

The southern mountains should be in the 20-40 inch range. This has been the forecast from all models for days and it makes physical sense because the wind direction will be favorable (south and southwest) and the duration of snow should be 48-72 hours.

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