Investigate Rep. Boebert’s ties to white nationalist groups.

Garfield County Democrats started this petition to Rep. Nancy Pelosi and 2 others

January 2021


Speaker of the House, Representative Nancy Pelosi

House Majority Leader, Representative Steny Hoyer

House Minority Leader, Representative Kevin McCarthy

FROM:   Constituents of the 3rd Congressional District of Colorado

As constituents of Representative Lauren Boebert (CD3), we respectfully urge you to investigate Rep. Boebert with regard to her connections to the white supremacist groups that instigated the insurrection in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021. 

We are alarmed by statements made by Rep. Boebert prior to the insurrection which surely served to help pro-Trump extremists feel justified participating in the violent and racist events of that day. Furthermore, we are deeply concerned by the fact that Rep. Boebert has continued to post content which undoubtedly incites the fury of dangerous white nationalist groups.

Below are just some of Rep. Boebert’s public statements on the days surrounding the insurrection: 

The Founding Fathers did not back down when people told them what they could and could not do.”   (Jan. 5, Twitter)

Today is 1776.” (Jan. 6, Twitter)

I have constituents outside this building right now. I promised my constituents to be their voice.” (Jan. 6, Address to Congress)

“The Speaker has been removed from the chambers.”  (Jan. 6, Twitter)

“I want you all to know how proud I am to have taken a stand on the Electoral College certification.” (Jan. 8, Twitter)

“Hillary must be pissed it took the DNC until 2020 to successfully rig an election.” (Jan. 9, Twitter)

During the insurrection, despite the directive from the Sergeant of Arms for legislators to refrain from posting on social media, Rep. Boebert posted information on Twitter regarding the whereabouts of Speaker Pelosi, a known target of the insurrectionists.

Two days later, Rep. Boebert posted a video encouraging people to go back and watch her Jan. 6 address to Congress. It is in this speech that Rep. Boebert refers to those rioting outside the Capitol building as her “constituents” to whom she has promised “to be their voice.”

The fact that Rep. Boebert encouraged people to go back and watch her floor speech–even after she had a full account of the events that occurred on Jan.6–indicates that Rep. Boebert has no regrets about promising to be the voice for the right-wing extremists on the Capitol grounds that day.

As constituents of Rep. Boebert, we appreciate your leadership on this important matter.Start a petition of your ownThis petition starter stood up and took action. Will you do the same? Start a petition

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