Harry Frishman 1/19/81 (40 years ago)

Harry, you remain a strong memory and inspiration.

Harry in the Taos Box

Certainly Harry wasn’t one to miss the possibility of engaging “fun hog-ness” in every activity, that’s for sure – so here’s a photo of him kayaking the Taos Box.

Jimbo Buickerood colección de fotos

Harry following the water.
Crédito total, Burnham Arndt
Harry Frishman, Kim Schmitz, Jonathan Wright 1980.  Impermanence.  All three took other paths.
crédito total de la foto, Edgar Boyles
Harry’s surfboard

Crédito total, rŌbert

Crēdito total de la foto, Bernie Arndt

Roof at Red Cloud Ranch, Lake City, Colorado. Billy Roos (right) with lounging tribal chief, Harry Frishman.  Matt Wells


From the Jackson Hole News


I will always remember Davie Agnew, eyes slammed shut, tears streaming down his face, singing the Tom Patey song. Behind him the Tetons boomed with a 21 dynamite explosion, each round echoing through the range. The heavies at the ski area were aghast their bombs were being used….

Edgar Boyles

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