Comments to BLM concerning Cimarron Mountain Club ski permit is due Feb. 16th…


The Bureau of Land Management Uncompahgre Field Office is seeking public comment on a proposal from the Cimarron Mountain Club for a special recreation permit to conduct commercially guided hikes, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, and avalanche mitigation on public lands in Montrose County. 

The CMC is a private club and residential community in the south San Juan Mountains, 10 miles northeast of Ridgway.

It is seeking to lead year-round commercial trips on two BLM parcels, totaling approximately 3,475 acres. These activities would cease during the elk calving season from May 1 through June 15. The permit would not prevent access for the general public. Trips would vary in frequency and party size depending on the activity and weather conditions.

Project documents are available online at Comments must be submitted by Feb. 16, and may be submitted via the website above or via mail to: BLM Uncompahgre Field Office, Attn: Angela Losasso, 2465 S. Townsend Ave. Montrose, CO 81401.

Before including your address, phone number, email address or other personal identifying information in your comment, be aware that your entire comment — including your personal identifying information — may be made publicly available at any time.


Looking at this Special Recreation Permit request and trying to get up to speed in what the Cimarron Mountain Club is asking for.  Seems they are following Silverton Mountain’s plan to ski on Public BLM lands next to their private land.   Everyone should visit the BLM site and read all of the available information before they comment. 

All concerned folks should write a letter and comment on this proposal.  They should keep their comments short and to the point.  Remember RAGE letters will not win many points with the BLM.  Make your voice heard, but do it with facts and not just personal opinion or wild speculation!  The BLM eggheads are looking for letters for or against the project.  Letters having real substance on the issues come to light during this process of asking for Public Comments! 

You should really completely read the Project Description that was submitted by the CMC for a SRP.  Study the Maps/terrain they are asking to operate on and drill down on the Pro’s and Con’s of such a permit on almost 3,500 acres of PUBLIC LAND.  Is this a prudent use  of that land and who benefits the most from this decision, the Public or the Private Land Owners who dreamed up this latest ski area 2021 style.   

Not much time left for Public Comment if they have to be in by Feb. 16th.   Remember any comment you make will and can be used against you in the future. 
It is very important to get all of the folks who are against this proposal to rally and send in a letter to the BLM before the deadline.   

The reason for this is:   Right now the BLM is counting the NUMBERS of folks who are for or against this SRP Request.   If no one is against them getting a permit then, the BLM will say there was no formal opposition to this simple request for a simple permit!   It is the backdoor way that Aaron Brill/Silverton Mountain got the same SRP permit to guide on BLM lands next to his property in Silverton!  A wolf in sheep’s clothing.  

Next step for the CMC folks is to put up a small lift on their property and off they go to ski 3,500 acres of BLM Public Lands.   The people who loose in this deal are we the public because they then can restrict when you and I have access to this private ski area that is controlled by them!   Just like the folks in Silverton really lost access to Velocity Basin.   The beginning of the end.  

The CMC folks have their own private ski lands and really have locked out the Public as there are few access points for this ridge unless you go into the CMC homeowners land.  O The maps supplied are very poor and show little detail as to the area to be skied on BLM lands, better maps need to be provided to us to figure out what is really going on next to these rich homeowners.   Another Yellowstone Ski Club in the making!


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