Youngest Woman to Ski the Grand ~ Ski


In between their ski laps in the trees, in a couloir on the north side of the mountain (and in much more consequential terrain), an avalanche swept a 33-year-old local snowboarder to his death. It was the third avalanche death in the Tetons that week.”It’s one thing to acknowledge that in the backcountry, and as a guide, your decisions are life-and-death decisions, but on that day, it was really put on display for both me and my clients,” says McGlashon. “They truly are life and death decisions.”At 26, McGlashon is Exum’s youngest ski guide and one of only two guides under 30 (the other is 29). She is also one of only five female guides at North America’s oldest guiding company. Within the decade, she hopes to earn full certification by the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations—an achievement fewer than 15 women in the U.S. have earned.

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