Fat City rider rock hopping on his Triumph


Paul Ryan, friend of Hunter Thompson on the bike. Paul has an unreleased documentary of riding with the Oakland Angels.

Colección de fotos de Edgar Boyles


Historia de Edgar Boyles

Paul got hung up on the documentary, because, back in the day when he was riding with Sonny Barger and the boyz…nobody was signing Releases or legal shit (!).. sometimes one of the Angels would say, Paul, time for you to get out of here before it gets ugly…So, he was always hesitant to edit it and then get massive suits from Angel Heirs
By the way,  Paul (now 82) is still shooting in Hollywood. When Nestor Alemendros accepted the Oscar for Best Cinematography for Days of Heaven he thanked Paul for his camerawork, a rare acknowledgement from the podium…

He was also the 2nd unit DIrector of Photography on A River Runs Through It that got Philip Roussalot the Oscar for best cinematography. Paul brought yours truly up to Montana to help shoot the sequence when the boys steal the boat and eventually go over the waterfall. What fun we had. 

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