Rory Block, The Lady and Mr. Johnson


~~~ LISTEN ~~~


Unless you’ve been living on another planet you’ve heard of Robert Johnson and heard the songs. They’ve been covered more times by more people than anyone can count-but never like this! Rory Block herself has even recorded them in the past-but never like this!

I have been a Rory Block fan for a long time and she has long been known as one of the best traditional blues artists around. Her passion and reverence for this music is unmatched and all that passion and reverence come pouring out of this album in a flood. Her singing is straight from the heart and gut and her always superb guitar work is some of the best blues playing I’ve heard. It just has that Robert Johnson feeling.

The most telling words come from Robert Johnson’s grandsons themselves, who gave their full support to this project. “Rory Block should have a Doctorate in my grandfather’s music”-Steven Johnson. “When I hear Rory Block’s music, it’s as if my grandfather is here all over again”-Greg Johnson.

No one else alive has done these songs better; this is the best traditional blues album I’ve heard in years!

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