Musings from the border lands ~ Eric Ming

Eric is a San Juan desperado, writer, photographer, husband, skier, climber and gentleman of the world.  He was transferred to the border lands of Colorado/New Mexico by The Man (Forest Service) to work El Rito, N.M. Eric has threatened to pass on spontaneous art, ideas, photos, opinions, bar stories or whatever he wants for rŌbert aficionados to enjoy.

Two Rivers ~ crédito total, Eric Ming

I’m back working for the “man” in New Mexico again.

The reason I thought you might appreciate this photo is because I was riding at a beautiful spot — Two Rivers, in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument 30 miles north of Taos. This is the main overlook south where the Red River and Rio Grande meet.

Looking down on a watercourse that our culture has a certain expectation of … well, isn’t this sort of concerning?!

You keep you finger firmly on the pulse of water in the West and this might be an example photo of where we are in the stream.🤷‍♂️🙏👌

Cheers, Eric 

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