landing strip there too ~ Oljato Trading Post


Hola hola,  this used to be my mid way stop between Aspen to Santa Monica when I would fly my old Cessna to LA for work. The old man who ran the place was in his 80’s and had been there since the 50’s. I would load up on gooey bakery goods before launching from Aspen and fly down the Colorado River low and land on the last decent part of the runway that wasn’t broken up. He would make me instant coffee and we would share the bear claws and maple bars and he would tell stories from the uranium days. He sold fuel so I would tank up and head out across the Mojave, pick up an IFR clearance near Edwards AFB and descend into the haze and muck of the LA basin with the rapid fire radio calls filling the frequency.  The trading post was a place out of time. Perhaps Everett Ruess wandered through there too….EB

Edgar Boyles and 53 Charlie (Cessna) on his way to work during his stop over at Oljato Trading Post. Bob Fulton flew the same rig only a 56.

“I am inspired to do less and call it a contribution.” Robert Fulton III-

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