Yukigata – Snow Patterns


It is not only the flowers that indicate spring is coming to Omachi. As the snow melts and the black rock below is exposed, patterns are created in the contrast of rock and snow. It is a sign of spring. The changing patterns in the snow act as planting guides for farmers and the images are the origin of the names of some mountains. They have become familiar to local people over the ages.
You can see these patterns on the Japan Alps above the planted rice fields and blossoming apple orchards while gazing out of the windows of trains on the JR Oito line, or sightseeing in the Omachi area. Please direct your gaze towards the beautiful patterns on the mountainside.

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Reminded of the Spooky Face on Nez Perce in the Tetons that transforms into a preacher holding open a bible.

crédito total, Drew Hardesty

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