Please don’t bother to reply | Nakabayashi Chikuto


Chikuto replies to a letter from his former student Imaoji Yuzan (1790-1849). He apparently wanted to know how much Chikuto would ask for writing a certificate. As if to pass on quickly to other topics Chikuto’s answer is surprisingly sharp and short. “I have read your letter. I am glad that you are well. And for brief certificates, I ask two silvers. 

And then Chikuto makes Yuzan responsable for his not going out: The mulberry paper vom Hyuga is quite well done, and I would go out to celebrate Tanabata – But I can’t. I write this letter instead. 

As for the trip to Mount Fuji. This summer has been exhausting because of the heat. This time I shall not join in.
However, I would love to see you some day. I think about quitting to paint. Therefore, I do not take new orders anymore. 
As for the writings of Mr Iwabo*. If you could eventually come to show them to me, I would like to see and borrow them if you gracefully allow. 

For the time being, this is a reply to your letter. Please do not bother to reply. – July 7th, Sesho. As a reply to Mr Yuzan 

*Iwabo Hoin (1789-1848) lived in Shogoin, a Tendai Temple in Kyoto. He was a lay priest and amateur poet. Imaoji Yuzan was a secular monk too, living in the same temple.
Nakabayashi Chikuto (1776-1853)

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