Fast Times

The original VW bus from the 1982 movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” is among the items currently on display at the Valley Relics Museum.

One need never have set foot in the oft-maligned, occasionally misunderstood and frequently mocked San Fernando Valley to know it suffers from a bit of an image problem. Characterized in movies and music as a suburban desert dominated by mall culture and plagued by relentless upspeak, its cultural significance and historical importance have long been dismissed by many as unremarkable and, well, a tad grody.


One thought on “Fast Times

  1. Hi,
    If you’re interested you should look up Art Linson, the producer of this. He also produced and/or directed “Where the Buffalo Roam” based, I believe, on Hunter Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and won the best picture Oscar for “The Untouchables” starring Sean Connery, not to mention the classic “Melvin and Howard”. Also involved in some of these and others was John Kaye as writer and/or director. Art was a class ahead of me in a Cal Berkeley fraternity, John, a real crazy guy, was two years ahead of me.

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