Sad news about Barry Blanchard


Greetings Alpine Ambassador crew, 

Wanted to let you know that Barry took a bad fall on some stairs the other day and is currently in the hospital. He suffered skull fractures and brain hemorrhages but he is stable and doesn’t appear to need surgery. Some of you may already have heard this news but just making sure you’re in the loop.

Rolo been sending updates and at the moment it looks like Barry has a long road to recovery. From Rolo: “He has memory loss and is unable to communicate his thoughts or feelings. … Everyday tasks will need to be relearned and this will take time.”

Rob Owens and the Yamnuska Mountain Adventures crew have set up a fundraiser to help support Barry and his family here:

We just posted about this on our Climb IG account to help drive donations. Feel free to reshare on your own accounts to get the word out.

It hurts my heart to be the bearer of this news. While I’m confident Barry will tackle this great challenge as he has so many others, I also know it will not be easy or quick and he will need lots of help along the way.


Justin Roth

One thought on “Sad news about Barry Blanchard

  1. Barry gave a slide show here in Squaw Valley three or so years ago that was a total tour de force, one of the most entertaining I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve seen oodles. Just a super great guy with an amazing climbing cv but in possession of a lot of other talents. What a shame. Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery.

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