encontrar al hombre misterioso

As I summited McClure Pass, Lou Dawson came into mind. I hadn’t seen him since somewhere in the late eighties on a ski adventure. I was day-tripping on my murdercycle with no goals … I stopped at some outdoor cafe in Carbondale and was waiting for my beer when a face appeared over the top of the fence inquiring, “is that Jerry Roberts?”. Lou sat down and we caught up the past years of various adventures we’d both enjoyed.

Another 20 years passed … I descended the pass into Carbondale again and snuck up on him at casa de Louis. We retreated to his converted garage/studio carrying on like the old dogs we had become. Perfecto!

Lou browsing his latest photos of Sopris

After touring Museo de Lou we headed to the local Tortilleria for a burrito and a couple hours talking story … we hadn’t lost a beat in all those years …

Salud compay!


Lou and rŌbert at La Roca

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