A San Juan Tribal Gathering


Scott, Blake and Lorraine talking about dad

Saturday (11/20/21) a large group of friends from around the region and Bill’s family gathered at the Telluride Transfer Warehouse to reminisce, talk story and give tribute and respect to Bill and honor his family.

Many spoke through tears along with deep laughter as we remembered an institution, an icon, a member of the Tall Timber Society of the San Juans. Bill was a positive life force. What an event, Que no? Margs and beers were consumed along with tamales and burritos, some of Bill favorites. Even the Magpie flew through an open window, perched on the sill and squawked a bit looking at the dining opportunities, just like Bill would and uttered, “There are two kinds of people. The quick and the hungry!”

te amamos y te extrañamos querido amigo

Kindness is the highest form of wisdom.


Bill’s extended family

Bob Newman sharing his big world view on Bill
Jerry Oyama’s words

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