THERE’S GONNA BE A NEW DEPUTY at Rancho Desperado soon …


yep, a new deputy in town

soon as he grows up a bit

and get’s off the hind tit

rŌbert (1948 – )

momma Summer and ? Oso/Buson/Lorca/Flaco/Cholo/Cachorro/ENSŌ…???

crédito total da la foto, Lisa Issenberg

Hired a new hand today. Picked him out of a lineup of three black males and three yeller male/females. He’s gonna join the Rancho Desperado posse Jan. 20 (Django’s birthday), soon as he matures bit, he’s only six days old. rŌbert is coming out of retirement temporarily to resume his specialty as “Dog Whisperer” applying very little discipline, but heavy on indoctrination, self-criticism sessions and great emphasis on the Loyalty Dance. Of course Django will be the official probation officer and mentor to the new tribal member sharing his bad habits acquired over his soon to be 10 years.

Sire, Smokey with rŌbert
Lisa and the boys
many moon’s ago when Django was 8 weeks old

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