empleados problemáticos

baaaad Billy Roos wasting time
Official INSTAAR car for RMP provided by Richard and Betsy Armstrong (T. Lane identified as the driver)
An impressive collection, all in the problem category, each with our own specific talents, so to speak” B. Liske
very questionable people
Burnham, bible salesman & flim-flam man
Abuelo norte
Colin (L) flanked by his probation officer
on the road with Harry, Libby, Walter
design by former CDOT groupie, Lisa Issenberg
the Ayatollah Hoganie & Don Frank
Dennis and rŌbert with the Summertime Blues
The Brit preparing a data pit with a new crosscut saw
Lisa, groupie of the year 2005
Rio Blanco CDOT intern
EJ, Ted and Tim after the Battleship ran
Susan Hale fixing the pinche Campbell unit
“you’re either on the bus or off the bus”, Speed
Denny, rŌbert and what’s her name?


I’m bummed I got promoted or I might have been in this gallery of legends.
Mark Udall

Udall underestimates himself.   He belongs in the problem employee gallery with the rest of us… Wally Berg

You’re right Wally, Udall deserves a place on the “Wall of Shame” with the rest of the reprobates. rŌbert

 bienvenido de nuevo Mark, el El Grupo Empleados !

3 thoughts on “empleados problemáticos

  1. One of the best days of my life to be re-instated into El Grupo Empleados Problematicos in spite of my clumsy use of English in my first post. What I mean by that is I was actually demoted-not promoted-when I so called “rose” through the ranks at OB and in the political jungle. I also want to believe I didn’t make the first cut because the many members of El Grupo who held their tongues when I ventured into those worlds of OB management and then head shakingly into politics have always had my back. At those times El Grupo didn’t let on that I was a marginal member of El Grupo fearing it would tank my chances and that commitment had held fast until my plaintive plea yesterday. Muchas Gracias for bringing me home! I’m back on Mi Equipo. I will die happy.

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