Sibley’s Macho Acres burns


Macho Acres after the fire
After the storm … Karl Arndt Foto

A major tragedy occurred yesterday when Paul Sibley’s Macho Acres burned to the ground in the Marshall fire. A beautiful abode with so much history created by Paul and his Tribe. Absolutely awful..



Macho Acres was an incredible source of positive energy  and a refuge for innumerable dirtbags such as ourselves.  An unbelievable loss to the Tribe.

Bill Liske


When Denny called you I knew what it was most likely about, went to bed not wanting to think about it.. You probably saw the video clip of Macho Acres in flames.  Sickening.
Oh the treasures that were in that house… More than anyone I know, his homestead was his place, his identity. Heart wrenching.

Wally Berg


Too bad also about Macho acres –  I visited it once or twice.   Sibley is a real folk hero!  Big bummer there…….

Dougal McCarty


Colorado Nut Company was the 1st to domestically produce artificial nut/chalk stones in Amerika… Billy Roos & Paul Sibley in 1967 or 68 started out in a 10′ x 10′ Denver basement that had a hole cut in an exterior wall to pass stock through to the band saw in order to cut it … the work was slow & very inaccurate … eventually they bought a drill press. Billy & a lady friend, Julie Clemens rented a house in Eldorado Springs with a garage that became Colorado Nut Company’s new home. After a break up with the future-ex girlfriend a very short while later Colorado Nut Co. was evicted by the landlord for making too much noise…

photo 3.jpg

Billy and Sib, autumn 2014 (back of Wally Berg’s head) in Macho Acres courtyard .  rōbert photo


One afternoon while driving to the dump in Marshall … Sibley spotted some old guy slouched in a pick up truck in front of a run down adobe shack…


the boys stopped and talked to the gentlemen and Sibley struck a deal to purchase the Marshall shack… the old man didn’t know what it was worth… junkies had lived in it and trashed the place so it was in hideous shape…… Paul paid (payment plan) maybe $10,000 for the dump. The old guy probably died…. broke and homeless according to Billy.

IMG_0700.jpgMacho Acres in the beginning.


Soon after the purchase a large shop was built behind the Sibley residence that had become known as Macho Acres … It was shared by 5 guys who built it and the Nut Company moved into Macho about 1971.



Dirt Pimp Matt Wells proudly shows the converted ‘chicken coop’ that he and a cast of hundreds worked so hard to convert into a condo @ the Acres over the years.



A sorted group of shameless reprobates & sociopaths resided in the ‘coop’ over the years… Boulder County finally declared it a HAZMAT zone.



Climbing rag ad


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.48.29 AM.jpg

Collectors items on E-Bay


photo 4.jpg

# 2-6 Colorado Nuts Classics


Within a few years the successful business entrepreneurs gave it up – went out of business … but they were still in demand because of the poor and retched local climbing bums. The boys said they were too lazy, the work too dangerous & besides they had girl friends with trust funds and just didn’t want to work anymore ….. Chouinard & Forrest about that time came out with their lines of climbing paraphernalia which was far superior and refined compared to Colorado Nuts rather rough products..


photo 1.jpg


The remains of Colorado Nuts eventually got tossed out in the campo santo/scrap pile behind the shop.  What didn’t make it to the Marshall dump became an old climbing gear archeological dig that Billy and I visited one afternoon while drinking beer and wandering around Sibley’s vast holdings complete with a shooting range, old abandoned cars and of course the famous Sibley Museum.

Scribed by rōbert


photo 2 (1).jpeg

Excavated archeology site/La Brea Tar Pits at Macho Acres



Paul Sibley with an original Colorado Nut poster, September 2014. Poster of Kevin Donald on the West Buttress of the Bastille by Bernie Arndt Esq.



Entrepreneurs ~ Sib, Billy with rōbert ~ autumn 2014 ~ Macho Acres


Historia antigua


Meet Paul Sibley, a Boulder Icon, pioneer 1960’s climber, master wood worker, blacksmith, 60’s drug runner (everyone dabbled in that role in the 60’s), rebel, Outward Bound problem instructor…. and … on and on. Paul, along with Pat Ament had the biggest impact on my early days climbing in Boulder and Yosemite. Paul owns a small little ranchet outside of Boulder, nicknamed macho acres and los vientos (the winds). The ranch house is the old Marshall stage stop building. Paul was my landlord for 4 years. Climbing like a mad man and married, I needed something other than my VW van to live in so I rented a small renevated chicken coop (with loft bedroom!!) for 90$$ a month that many previous reprobates remodeled including Matt Wells and Billy Roos. Gravity feed water, solar shower, pit toilet, and tiny wood stove and kitchenet. It was a good and simple life perched high above the Eldorado canyon coorridor. The coop was also home to Jeff Lowe, Jeff Long (writer) and a host and cast of individuals from the more..interesting side of life. All running wild going 90 mile and hour on a tank full dreams trying to keep the view in the windshield bigger than the rear veiw mirror. Amen.

Mike O’Donnell




If this is the  Concierge , I might not be staying here – Abuelo Wells

Photo :  Michael Weis



“MACHO ACRES” Invaded by Boulder SWAT team … fake news???

Boulder SWAT team assaulting Macho Acres


Byline by rōbert report raving..err..roving corrosopondent Don Mateo

An early morning assault of Boulder county forces has retaken the compound known as” Sibley’s Macho Acres” .

The Marshall Road property has for years been in violation of Boulder county ordinances and zoning codes. There have been both rumors and reports of disguised water theft, illegally fired ordinance, stockpiling of unregistered vehicles, small dwellings inhabited by questionable members of the ” outdoor community ” and a full production “shop” that fabricates everything from counterfeit art to pirated mountaineering-alpine equipment; this in clear violation of property and patent law.

Agents entered the southern, slope side bunker headquarters from the highway accessible front entrance. They found inside, a display case, filled with curious objects of eclectic funk and great antiquity. In addition, there were countless drawers and boxes stuffed with past traffic tickets and unanswered court summons. Sibley and other residents appear to have vanished, leaving nothing but the curtains of the back bedroom, blowing in the cold March breeze.


Rōbert ‘reporter at large’ Don Mateo (right) shown with suspect Paul Sibley in another time and place.

Photo by rōbert


Sitting proud …

Paul Sibley roosting with pride in the ranch rig he stole from an old man that also gave up his Marshall property in a case of grand theft robbery (according to Billy Roos) which soon became infamous as Macho Acres.

For a longer version of a life of debauchery & ordinary madness, please check out The Colorado Nut Story.

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total de crédito, Stephen Collector


Sib with a few more years on him, deep in restoration of an old hippie/meth bus he found abandoned in front of his place near the Stoned Barn Farm

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crédito total de la foto

kda and Karl Arndt



Host and resident celebrity Paul Sibley

IMG_3858       Steve Komito cobbler and gentleman

La Brea Pits convention attended by members of the Ro’bear Re’por press corps? Could this cadre of investigative reporters discover, in the words of one immanent political commentator, “what the fuck is going on?”  Jerry 0amasi


Tina Cole, famous for her tolerance with husband ~ abuelo Matt Wells


Sibley and hermano Mike Weis, movie star/stunt man


paella maestro Malcom Daly


  the Ayatollah Hoganie (Seldom Seen Denny Hogan on left)

8 thoughts on “Sibley’s Macho Acres burns

  1. Didn’t know this group of reprobates but for one. However I think these are the kind of people I admire the most, who are living lives that really matter.

    1. Bobby Hills , AKA Seldom Seen Smith. I moved into the koop around 2001 and still live there. I kept paying rent even though I stayed with my lady in town most of the time. I remember when Marks brother Bob moved into the bus and we were drinking beers and telling lies. Mark says, “Bobby what are you going to do with that Van down there”? I say , well I am going to fix her up when I have some extra time. He says, that is what you said when I moved out of here 7 years ago. Wow, I had no idea it had been that long, and the next day I called up some donation site to come get it.
      Paul and I with help from who ever stopped by, Gene, put a nice retaining wall in behind the new covered deck.The good news is I moved everything into storage in Superior so we could work on the inside . The bad news is, I think my units was one of the few with damage.
      Ro’bear thanks for doing this! My nick name is Bobear.I am so thankful that stubborn SOB Paul didn’t go down with the ship, cause for about 2 hours I thought my landlord was gone with my January 2022 rent money in his pocket.

      Mitakuye Oyasın all my relations!
      Bobby Hills

  2. As a former sixties roommate with Paul on Lafayette street I well remember moving tools into the new shop. I did a little painting on the new house with Yum Yum’s Airedale messing up the new paint. Fast forward fifty years and I’m back from half a lifetime in Alaska connecting again with the greatest crew I ever had the privilege of skiing and growing up ever so slowly in Colorado in 2016 and again in 2019 for the mountain man rendezvous/Sibley birthday party.

    I know a little bit about fire. I’m firefighter one EMT 1 certified from Juneau, Alaska.

    September 8, 2020 the Almeda fire swept through the Bear Creek Greenway from Ashland Oregon to south Medford Oregon. This fire storm consumed 2600 homes and several hundred commercial buildings.

    It missed my house by 400 feet.

    The worst part of this is we no longer feel safe. We have evacuation tubs with files and food and water at the ready. Hot summer winds are scary, emergency planning is proceeding and that’s what I’ve been doing my whole career so I am confident we will prepare properly.

    All the Best to Paul and Deborah, you will survive this tragedy.

    Jim Akins

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