fotos dentro del Museo Sibley


Conservador del museo Don Pablo
galería pública en el museo Sibley
refrescos en la cocina del cosenero Sibley
relajación en la antesala del Museo

crédito total de la fotos ~ Abuelo Norte/Señor M. Wells


Crédito de las fotos del Museo Sibley, rŌbert


Sib in the shop

crédito total, Karl Arndt


Hi there,
My name is Tania and I am a friend of Paul Sibley & Deborah Hammock’s.  I have started a GoFund Me site to help them with expenses related to the loss of their home. Here is a link should you be interested in donating.  Thank you SO very much.
Tania Petrulis 

One thought on “fotos dentro del Museo Sibley

  1. Does the poster in a pix within the lost Museo Sibley really ask “The Burning Question?” It something I asked myself for years after my home went up in flames 45 years ago

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