skiing off Mount Champion


Lou Dawson putting his signature on Champion Pass, crédito total de la foto, rŌbert

In the late 70’s (that’s nineteen) Lou Dawson, Tim Lane and rŌbert came onto a stash of COBS student rations with a bonus twenty pound box of bacon. We saddled up and skied into the Naugahyde Palace/Lounge (old Champion Mill) west of Leadville toward Fat City/Aspen for a week of powder skiing between winter programs. Of course we got spanked by our boss Denny Hogan thinking we had absconded with the grubstake but he was wrong …

The Naugahyde got the name because the biggest bed in the cabin was covered with brown naugahyde and was at least two King’s in size.. There were sorted tall tales, lies and a few stories too hideous to retell about the Lounge. We could sort through them later, maybe hold a contest of old staff submitting their personal favorites.

Anyway the skiing was soooo fine, then we had to go back to work to pay off the pinche grubstake to the Hoganie.

The Mill, with the Palace/Lounge below
Tim Lane left, Denny Hogan second from left, Lou Dawson center, rŌbert far right

This photo doesn’t give the infamous bed a fair shake. My photos of the day are old faded Kodachrome but the memories ….. . … …

“It’s the Truth Even If It Didn’t Happen” Ken Kesey




“,,,and maybe a few stories too hideous to tell…”
The most well used swath of Naghaude ever installed.  Truly durable.  
It did get cleaned, by default and unintentionally, with combinations of bacon grease, SnoSeal and ski wax.   Once you were sure the fire in the stove was off, a little white gas would add a nice sheen.
And oh, the skiing out the door… 
Nice piece, Jerry.  Thanks. 

Wally Berg


Yes, memory serves-Cold , stiff “Naugahyde” has a particular frosty sting if is not properly pre warmed or if the schlafsack is pitched in the heat of battle .

“ Student parents demandin-depth investigation of events concerning the Mt. Champion Mill .” 

Hail the hearty souls that braved Zhivago Flats en route to the Champion Mill.

Abuelo Norte


Nice, remember it well! Lou Dawson

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