A confidential dialogue with Tim about the Super Bowl and other matters

Tim’s official ride while in Silverton, The Golden Calf

OK guys, time to put the tricycles in the closet and get down to what’s important…

ie the Stupor Bowl.  I have some inside info that could clean up all your debts…

and Jerry will affirm…remember at the Avon or the Legion I’d get loud and make bets … only to lose most of them. 

Don Tim talking to his Bookie at the Avon

It’s repeating now…with Vicente during the playoffs.

I lost all but one bet … and now the Big One…I’ve got the Bengals …so what do you do?  

Put all your loose change, empty your piggy banks … all on the Rams..

You’ve got an 80% chance of winning.  Remember, this is inside information …

Salud!  Tim



Of course I remember …

mostly you and Louise

rolling around on the beer soaked floor

under an Avon table like dogs …

which was the beginning of Navajo Night

and of course i remember you yelling at the

top of your voice over a bar full of alcoholics

yelling at the top of their voices betting on the SB …

And you are right, you lost nearly every bet

and i never remember you ever paying up. Ever…

some fine memories and yes I’ll take the Hollywood Rams

and the bet is a good and I emphasize the word GOOD

bottle of pisco.. 

abrazos fuerte


Good bottles of Pisco

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