anyone know where T. Lane was yesterday?

Was this Tim’s doings, SXB or the Mystery Man?


Stolen yacht destroys multiple boats during destructive joyride

A stolen 60-foot yacht tore through California’s Newport Beach Harbor, damaging multiple boats during its destructive joyride. 

~~~ WATCH ~~~

T. Lane … What’s that all about?

rŌbert … Oh you know.  Spinning doughnuts in Al’s (OB river boss) truck, drunk. Getting Weezie reprimanded , then moving under the Hwy bridge near the base camp.. Wrecking OB van with the mystery man. Shall I continue?  Thought there were similarities in the stories. 

Tim … That sounds like an anti-social…misguided person

rŌbert …

Surely …

a sociopath

familiar with any?

Tim … AH!  That was the word I was looking for …sociopath!!!

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