Photograph: Courtesy of MetaMorfosi NY’Love is in the Air’ by Banksy

“Banksy Building Castles in the Sky” is opening at 250 Bowery on May 28.

Written by Anna Rahmanan

May 10 2022

Perhaps the most elusive artist in history is getting the New York treatment. “Banksy Building Castles in the Sky,” one of the biggest exhibits featuring original works by the contemporary artist, is opening on May 28 at the former International Center of Photography Museum at 250 Bowery Street.

According to an official press release, the show “is based on the results of an independent interdisciplinary academic research project about Banksy with a museum-style layout and will feature over 120 original artworks through an intellectual immersive journey into the mind of the artist.” 

The pieces that will be on display through September 5 were procured from privately owned collections and they include some of Banksy’s most iconic works like Girl with BalloonGangsta RatRubber DuckyLove is in the Air (Flower Thrower)Bomb Hugger, Toxic MaryFamily Target and Mickey Snake.

“Banksy continues to push boundaries and question the morals of society with his ironic, iconic and irreverent style,” said Stefano Antonelli and Gianluca Marziani, curators of the exhibition, in an official statement about the display. “His identity makes up only a small fraction of the mystery, as his work is truly the metaphorical iceberg that penetrates deep into the core of humanity, his work of which only scratches the surface.”

Although Banksy himself is not involved in the exhibition, the upcoming show clearly stands out from others about him, including the immersive street art exhibit, “Banksy Expo: Genius or Vandal?” that was mounted near Union Square a few months back. 

According to the showrunners, in fact, “Banksy Building Castles in the Sky” is a collection of originaland authenticated pieces that seek to offer “a museum and academic interpretation of Banksy.” To drive the point home, the exhibit will be accompanied by a catalog filled with in-depth understandings and analyses of the Bristol-born artist’s works.

Check out some of the pieces that will be on display below:

'Bomb Hugger' by Banksy
Photograph: Dario Lasagni
'Family Target' by Banksy
Photograph: Courtesy of MetaMorfosi NY
Photograph: Courtesy of MetaMorfosi NY’Gangsta Rat’ by Banksy
'Rubber Duck' by Banksy
Photograph: Dario Lasagni
Photograph: Courtesy of MetaMorfosi NY’Toxic Mary’ by Banksy

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