Weeding The Cosmos

This fine book resides on the windowsill by my hammock.  I read it, then I read it again … never get tired of it.


These poems, quick-flash snippets culled from several years of writings–in solitude, while traveling, in work-a-day routines or high-country switchbacks–spring from a tradition as old as the Japanese poet Basho and still just as lively. Falling somewhere between haiku and senryu, John Brandi calls his three-liners “twists”–bringing to light a distinct American style with roots firmly planted in the natural world and the seasons of the human heart.

“Here are poems which leap into the center of gravity. They bring your own world home and give you a fresh taste of wonder. As delicious as discovering the moon over and over again, this book says–Wake up! Be amazed at what happens, no matter what.”–Natalie Goldberg



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