Dirty ol’ Jacks place

I was unable to attend Jack’s memorial in June. Damn I hear it was a good time and all the folks I wanted to see ~ many ‘Seldom Seen’s’ attending the fiesta.. So I went up to Jacks this morning with Phoebe and wandered around and caught the buen onda, took a few photos that i think some will enjoy that either hadn’t seen Jack in awhile or were unable to attend the celebration. Enjoy. Adios compay.


Jack’s view and shrine
Jack working on his Masterpiece in the 60’s

Jack, summit of Orizaba Nov.2, 1956

Climbing Agu ja de Yacuma, Nev Illampu, Bolivia … Del Young photo

Jack and saddle pal Compay working on an 80’s (nineteen) masterpiece

5 thoughts on “Dirty ol’ Jacks place

  1. Thanks for the pics. Unable to make the memorial. Many memories with Jack Starting with climbs in Peru in 1967 He was also present for the birth of our son in 1977–so many memories and great trips.
    Don Anderson

  2. Well done, Jerry! A beautiful tribute and a fitting bookend to our other late Hastings amigo, Cliff Ward. Both wildly talented, highly complex men. Maybe they’re having a peaceable beer together somewhere south of here.

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