a missive from Mateo


You fucking Pirate,
In your “darkness”
you have abandoned us, your followers , you have cut us free, left us adrift – The tattler’s
tongue and the bloggers blunder , we
miss you – 
Correspondence with 
the expat Canmore cowboy . . . concerning your insatiable urge to host the Pisco bash. 

Señor Berg,
We spoke of the pirate,
rŌbert and his endless Pisco ritual.  We spoke of the adoring flock that returns to his fold with gift bottles from
Chile and other SA
Pisco nations.  If I were
to make my way to his “distilled spirit temple”
I would gift “HijoPuta”
It’s a fitting libation for 
liars and raconteurs .
When mixed or poured
straight, it would unleash and bring forth the telling of tales
we love to share .
I think of HijoPuta, shared and enjoyed under the seasonal palapa or the awning covered deck; the one up front with the Desperado Cimarron view.  Rōbert would surely get over his disdain and admit HijoPuta to his shelved bottle collection, once it passed his sensitive taste test and after he sees the pleasing look on the faces of his guest tasters. 
Viva HijoPuta !

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