THE OFFICE ~ an old story on Red Mountain Pass



Battleship-Tim Lane

The Battleship in motion.

Eagle Telescope3 JR 3-1-4

The Eagle after hell-bombing.

Cement fill JR

Cement Fill running to Hwy. 550 after a 30lb shot placement high in the starting zone.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.53.00 AM

~~~  Read more lies ~ pp 10-12  ~~~

Summertime blues

Dennis McCoy and Jerry Roberts arming the explosives for heli-bombing

East Riverside-Gary King

East Riverside running over the snowshed.

2 thoughts on “THE OFFICE ~ an old story on Red Mountain Pass

  1. Great photos Jerry. I remember that Battleship day. You and Time Lane went up with Noel Peterson. Steve Munsell and I took photos from down at the closure gate. Am I right? it was probably in the early 80s. Webad sent out class home before the passes closed.


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  2. David.. good to hear from you… yes, your memory is good… That Battleship incident happened at least three more times that i can account for one with a Prescott group… maybe you read Johnathan Thompson article … if not i could send you the link… great story by a good journalist… hope you and Empara are well.. salud j~

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