Wyoming GOP lawmaker pushes electric-car ban, then says he didn’t mean it … “no surprise” ~ The Washington Post


Tesla vehicles charge at a station in Santa Monica, Calif., on Jan. 13. (Eric Thayer/Bloomberg News)

A group of Republican lawmakers in Wyoming introduced a bill last week urging the legislature to seek to phase out the sale of new electric vehicles by 2035.

Electric vehicles are impractical, and their batteries hog precious resources, the lawmakers said. Fox Business reported that the bill would “protect a state economy largely fueled by gas and oil.” (Wyoming is the country’s eighth-largest crude oil producer, according to the federal Energy Information Administration.)

But state Sen. Jim Anderson, who introduced the bill, said he doesn’t actually want electric vehicle sales to be phased out, although the resolution pushes the legislature to seek just that, The Post’s Bryan Pietsch reports.

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