Harry Frishman 1/19/81

Harry, you remain a strong memory and inspiration to the tribe.

Roof at Red Cloud Ranch, Lake City, Colorado. Billy Roos (right) with lounging tribal chief, Harry Frishman.  Matt Wells

Crēdito total de la foto, Bernie Arndt


It was dark in there that October day when HDF, Chuck Behrensmeyer and I climbed the NW Couloir on the Middle Teton. That was the same route he died on the coming January. 

Crédito total Abuelo Wells

A sad reminder, Jerry.

Harry and I were friends and did several important to me climbs together.  

He will forever be missed.

P Lev


Thanks Jerry,,,, 42 years ago…Jeez…what a good man.  EB


That was a bad day in Jackson.  

Rod Newcomb

Certainly Harry wasn’t one to miss the possibility of engaging “fun hog-ness” in every activity, that’s for sure – so here’s a photo of him kayaking the Taos Box. Crédito total, Burnham Arndt

Harry Frishman, Kim Schmitz, Jonathan Wright 1980.  Impermanence.  All three took other paths.
crédito total de la foto, Edgar Boyles

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