Retired avalanche forecaster Liam Fitzgerald’s book sees print … The Avalanche Review


Liam was an old school forecaster who spent most of his working life in Little Cottonwood Canyon keeping the skiing and driving public safe from avalanches. This is a life story with a great narrative that every snow viewer should devour. True Avalanche Hunter.




You sure this wasn’t part of a martini experiment? Next time try vodka or gin, shaken not stirred. One 🫒 This winter has sure been a doozy!


Mike and Karen Friedman


So nice to hear of Liam’s path after all these years.

I knew him from his Squaw Valley days. I got my first real job offer in the film bizz

to come to Aspen and work in the summer of 74. Liam was already at Snowbird and I crashed on his couch on the drive out to Aspen. He told me I could get in on the ground floor of the Snowbird scene if I wanted … looked very attractive, but I said I promised I would show up in Aspen and try out this other job first.

One of those forks in the road I guess.

From a rainy tormenta this evening in la patagonia,    EB

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