Bob Chamberlin talking story

I visited Bob Chamberlin this afternoon in Carbondale. For those of you that don’t know of him he’s a gentleman outlier. Bob had a great and interesting career as a photographer capturing iconic cultural shots, particularly the Bay Area in the 60’s and as a premier ski photographer in Aspen that spanned fifty years.

I’d spent the morning with Lou Dawson visiting the Vintage Ski World Museum with a private tour by Docent and proprietor Richard Allen who led us to the Bob Chamberlin area. After a few hours of WOW! (to be continued on rŌbert soon) the gentlemen directed me to casa de Bob.

I showed up unannounced and we spent hours examining old stories and adventures … like when he first met the Fun Hogs at Paul Ryan’s casita in the Bay area that included Dick Dorworth, Lito Tejada Flores, Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins. We stayed in the Berkeley area with Anti-war protests and cultural street shots that are as unique as they are priceless.  The Aspen catalogue included HST running for Sheriff, offbeat People Mag shots of the Bored and Beautiful over the years and the great history of skiing in Fat City from the early 60’s on.. And he related with a smile and a snicker a recent dinner table conversation with the local ladies that let him know “There is Only One Way and that is God’s Way!” 

It was a fine afternoon spent with a great guy who I hadn’t seen in thirty years… enjoy Bob’s photos that I photographed this afternoon at Vintage Ski World.

buen onda


Bob and rŌbert recounting old lies and new ones

Crédito total, The maintenance man



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