Juan Mansfield, el otro lado … 5/12/23

5 a.m. quarter moon

rising ~

a new path

rŌbert (1948-?)

Juan followed his new path Friday

I didn’t know John for long, in years but knew him well as a person.

engaging, brilliant, a gentleman, a practicing Buddhist, an artist of the world

I liked him immensley

Yin/Yang ~

selfishly I go to the obvious of missing him, grieving …

then clarity ~ Hank Williams ‘three cords and the truth’

how fortunate to have someone like Juan in your life

the world was a better place with his energy

Thank you Juan


Abrazos fuerte




One of John’s old “Daily” missives about the impermanence of life …


One thought on “Juan Mansfield, el otro lado … 5/12/23

  1. Jerry, the most heartfelt posting…I am sure he treasured your friendship as well. We are all treading this new path of age….it seems good to do it together. From afar, over the hill to the N.E. of you, I do a deep gassho Gate’ gate’, paragate’, bodhi svaha! EB

    On Sun, May 14, 2023 at 7:32 AM The Rōbert [Cholo] Report (pron: Rō’bear

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