Happy 79th Birthday Bob! 

“I’d like to be able to hit a hundred-mile-an-hour baseball. But you have to know your place.” – Dylan
“Sometimes it’s not enough to know what things mean, sometimes you have to know what things don’t mean.” –  Dylan
Ginsberg and Dylan at the grave of Jack Kerouac. They’ve all been badly imitated, but there’s only one Dylan, one Ginsberg and one Kerouac.

Pisco Dreams

Caballeros y señora

went to tienda de botellas to buy a bottle of Capel for mango sours and the sweet young lady said “I’m glad you finally showed up.”

I said “thank you, but why are you glad”, knowing she was obviously mistaking me for someone else …

she told me i had ordered the case of Alto del Carmen months ago and they never heard from me again (imagine that?)

but were holding the case for me ….

I had just called them this morning ordering a case of Carmen … must have been lost in translation …  or maybe some kind of alcoholic syncronicity.

anyway, i’ve got 10 bottles of very good pisco for the price of the Capel.

Stop by for a pisco or mango sour



Four Dead in Ohio – Kent State 50 years ago

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In a program first broadcast on the BBC, Four Dead in Ohio tells the story of the Kent State Massacre, May 4th 1970. On that day the National Guard opened fire on several hundred students at Kent State University in northeastern Ohio. Four were killed, nine wounded. Two weeks later, two more students were gunned down at Jackson State in MIssissippi. IN this documentary built around sound recorded at Kent on the day and other sources, and interviews with survivors, Michael Goldfarb tells the story of the killings. he looks at how the event still influences politics and protest in an America as divided now as it was on that day.

Will be spinning disks and avalanche stories for KOTO radio’s annual winter fundraising drive with Mike Friedman and Matt Steen this Friday from 10 – 11.

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