Kiitella Medals: 2018 Toyota U.S. Alpine Championships @ Sun Valley


USAC_Super-G Womens Jr & Overall_Nils Ribi_sm
Super G Womens Jr & Overall winners: Nina O’Brien, A J Hurt & Nellie Rose Talbot. Photo © Nils Ribi
Super G Men’s Overall winners: Ryan Cochran-Siegle, Jack Gower & River Radamus. Photo © Nils Ribi

At the 2018 Toyota U.S. Alpine Championships, hosted by Sun Valley March 19-26, podium finishers were awarded some very impressive Idaho spuds – PLUS medals custom designed and fabricated by metal artist Lisa Issenberg, of Kiitellä (Finnish v. meaning to thank, applaud or praise). These “gold, silver & bronze” medals consist of jetcut satin-polished brass, steel and bronze. Kiitellä’s process includes a mix of both handcraft and industrial techniques… no two medals are the same.

Levi Heinold Celebration of Life this Sunday ~ Ridgway town park 4 p.m.

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Join Friends and Family of Levi Heinold 

    In  Celebration of  his Life

   On Sunday, April 1st at 4 P. M.

  at Ridgway Town Park.

    A Potluck will directly follow

   in Town Hall




 A “go fund me” memorial donation account has been set up in support of the Heinold “girls”

The Powerful Silence of the March for Our Lives

lead_960Emma González, a student and shooting survivor from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, addressing the conclusion of the “March for Our Lives” event in Washington, D.C.

Three of the young women who spoke on Saturday made silence awkward. And shameful. And, in all that, striking.

Political marches are typically meant to make noise: voices raised, anger articulated, struggles for justice made loud and unavoidable. The March for Our Lives, held on Saturday in Washington, D.C., and in satellite events across the United States, followed, in that sense, activist tradition: It included speeches, rousing and passionate. Its participants carried signs, their messages clever and biting. Yolanda Renee King, the 9-year-old granddaughter of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King, made a surprise appearance on the march’s main stage: a symbolic passing of the torch of political activism to the next generation of American leaders. “Spread the word,” King said, inviting the crowd to speak along with her, “have you heard? / all across the nation / we are going to be / a great generation.”

What the March for Our Lives presented at the same time, however, was … the opposite of all that. The event served up, as part of its speech, silence—simple silence. Striking silence. Solemn silence. Participants in the march took the convened attention of an international audience and used it not only to advocate for gun control, but also to advocate, more broadly, for people who had been deprived of speech. And to offer a solemn reminder that, for some things—even in this most classic of First Amendment contexts—words will never, can never, be enough.

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Kiitella Medals: U.S. Freestyle National Championships-Moguls @ Waterville Valley, New Hampshire



Congratulations Keaton McCargo! “So proud of, and happy for, my sweet amazing friend… winning the GOLD! And thrilled to have made her medal!” – says metal artist Lisa Issenberg.

At the 2018 US Freestyle Championships-Moguls, hosted by Waterville Valley March 20-24, winners are awarded medals custom designed and fabricated by Lisa Issenberg, of Kiitellä. The “gold, silver and bronze” medals consist of laser-cut satin-polished brass, steel and bronze. Kiitellä’s process includes a mix of both handcraft and industrial techniques… no two medals are the same.
For Issenberg, creating the medals for Waterville Valley is especially meaningful, as she grew up skiing on the WVBBTS (Waterville Valley Black and Blue Trail Smashers) Freestyle “team” with coaches Nick & Susie Preston. See if you can pick her out in this 80s blast…

Kiitellä Medals: Aspen Snowmass Audi Power of Four Ski Mountaineering


This Saturday: 24 Miles. 10K Vertical Rise. Pure FUN for the hard-core… The annual Audi Power of Four Ski Mountaineering race at Aspen Snowmass. And shiny Kiitellä medals await the podium finishers. Note—first place medals pay tribute to the classic ski pole basket with a welded metal ring and riveted leather loops. Kiitellä’s process includes a mix of both handcraft and industrial techniques… no two medals are the same.

Kiitella Awards: The American Alpine Club Annual Benefit Dinner

Custom designed and fabricated awards for the American Alpine Club by Colorado metal artist Lisa Issenberg of Kiitella (Finnish v. to thank, applaud, praise), the plaques are a sleek fusion of hand-polished stainless steel, natural wool felt and laminated bamboo.
For the Robert Hicks Bates Award recipient Margo Hayes, Issenberg created a hefty & bold 5″ diameter jet-cut steel medallion, hand-polished with high-shined highlights, a riveted AAC logo, and finished with bright accessory cord.

On February 23-24 Boston will host the 2018 Annual Benefit Dinner for the American Alpine Club (AAC). The AAC’s most prestigious yearly event honors those making outstanding achievements in conservation, climbing and mountaineering.

This year’s honorees: John Roskelley is receiving an Honorary Membership, which is one of the highest awards the AAC offers; Alex Honnold is awarded The Robert and Miriam Underhill Award; Ellen Lapham is honored with the Heilprin Citation; Margo Hayes wins The Robert Hicks Bates Award; And former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and accomplished climber Sally Jewell is the recipient of the David R. Brower Conservation Award. Learn more about the awardees.

Telluride AIDS Benefit: Metal Artist Issenberg Honors #25 ~ by Susan Viebrock/Telluride Inside… and Out


The Telluride AIDS Benefit continues to wave its “Fight.Fund.Educate” banner on high – and with good reason. With regard to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, today’s political environment is, at best, a giant question mark; at worst, toxic. On the scientific front there may be cause for optimism, but to date there is still no definitive cure for the virus. The Telluride AIDS Benefit is celebrating 25 years of community involvement and dedication to the cause: raising money to help HIV and AIDS clients of its beneficiaries, literally hundreds of individuals and families of all demographics living with HIV/AIDS from the Front Range of Colorado to Africa. TAB also remains laser-focussed on prevention through education.

Join in TAB’s week of events, beginning Friday, February 23, 6 p.m., with the Student Fashion Show at Telluride’s Michael D. Palm Theatre and culminating with the Gala Fashion Show at the Telluride Conference Center in Mountain Village. All happening between March 1 – March 6.

To honor TAB’s silver anniversary, artist Lisa Issenberg’s uber cool cuff is now on sale for $75 at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art. The Gallery has represented Lisa’s work, primarily her jewelry, since 1992.

~ See full article in TIO with Telluride AIDS Benefit ticket information ~