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Rō’bear is going to the Dark side for a few weeks beginning Sept. 14th. Traveling south to check out rumors of a Deep State in the Central Andes along with some fly fishing and of course observance of the daily Pisco Hour.  He will procure assistance from local personas de mala reputación y conferencistas invitados residing in Rio Blanco, Portillo & Papudo Chile  …  then hopefully return with a few stories early October to share with rŌbert devotees.

While the jefe is visiting the Dark Side you can go to the bottom of each page in the Re’por to Older Posts which will take you back in time to past stories from the bad old days.

“It’s the truth even if it didn’t happen”  Ken Kesey


The Management


70-Year-Old Man Wins 1,000-Kilometer Horse Race in Mongolia ~ NYT

“Preparation trumps youth,” said the winner, Bob Long, who “hated” to think that he couldn’t complete the Mongol Derby, a grueling contest across the steppes of Mongolia.

Credit Sarah Farnsworth/The Adventurists

Bob Long, 70, just became the oldest person to finish what Guinness World Records calls the longest multi-horse race in the world. He also came in first.


“It’s nothing,” he said shortly after crossing the finish line of the Mongol Derby last Thursday. “You just ride 650 miles on a death march.”

The annual race, a grueling 1,000-kilometer competition across the steppes of Mongolia held over 10 days, traces the former mail routes of Genghis Khan with riders changing horses every 40 kilometers, according to the website for the Adventurists, the travel organization behind the contest and other real-world obstacle courses. (Its site says it’s “fighting to make the world less boring.”)

Lara Prior-Palmer, who in 2013 became the youngest person — and first woman — to win the race, at 19, described the event in her recent memoir “Rough Magic“ as the “Tour de France on unknown bicycles.



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2nd annual La Brea Tar Pit convention @ Macho Acres, Marshall, Colorado


Host and resident celebrity Paul Sibley

IMG_3858       Steve Komito cobbler and gentleman


La Brea Pits convention attended by members of the Ro’bear Re’por press corps? Could this cadre of investigative reporters discover, in the words of one immanent political commentator, “what the fuck is going on?”  Jerry 0amasi



Tina Cole, famous for her tolerance with husband ~ abuelo Matt Wells


Sibley and hermano Mike Weis, movie star/stunt man





paella maestro Malcom Daly






  the Ayatollah Hoganie (Seldom Seen Denny Hogan on left)


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