New Mexican death mud …


The variety of clouds and the spectrum of light and color has been spectacular this summer. Although the roads are New Mexican death mud as I heard it described in the NYTimes a while back..

Crédito total, Eric Ming

“I’ll be back in Rio Blanco tomorrow afternoon.  Tim is doing good, somehow unchanged…” Colin Mitchell


imagine that,

somehow unchanged ~

one of the few

rŌbert (1948-?)

Mt Analogue discovered ?


Chris George would read from Mt Analogue to OB students for inspiration about paying 

attention to where you were on you ascent. Both literal and figurative.

That was 1971.

I am still trying to understand it.

Although not the streets of Paris, my picking up a flattened beer can from the intersection 

of Hunter and Hyman Streets, Aspen, is a worm hole through the Black Hole of imagination and consciousness. Imagine my delight finding the “route description” to Mt Analogue on the can.

(In order get the can to ‘float’ I stuck it to a clothing store window and photographed there).