Trump’s 17 Court Cases ~ Cobert

Trump faces at least 17 different court cases against his administration, his businesses and himself, according to a count by Wired’s Garrett Graff, who described the situation as “a legal assault unlike anything previously seen by any president.”

Stephen Colbert, who has been eagerly tracking developments in the Russia investigation, joked that this was “quite a distinction for the president.”

“The walls are clearly closing in on Trump. And after all those cheeseburgers, the walls don’t have very far to go.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Colbert later talked about the similarly scandal-scarred Ryan Zinke, who resigned on Saturday as secretary of the interior.

“He had so many scandals that the White House officials told him he had until the end of the year to leave or be fired. That is impressive. Getting fired for ethics violations in the Trump administration is like being fired from the Rockettes for kicking.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Goalie’s best friend: Dog saves shot on wide open goal in Argentine soccer match

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Belgrano keeper Brian Leandro Olivera made a terrific blunder. He scooped up a loose ball in the box and went to clear it downfield, except he punted in the ball directly into the back of a Juventud player. The ball bounced right to the attacker’s feet for a golden chance to extend Juventud’s lead, with the goal unattended.

But then, what is this? What is this furry blur darting across the pitch? Who is this shadowy hero patrolling the goal mouth? Could it be, A DOGGY?

‘No Bad Wave’ ~ Mickey Munoz

Peter Lev’s Alta report did spur up great snow memories. Names of runs I hadn’t thought of in a zillion years, some I didn’t remember, some probably named years after my time there. Lucky the year I was there we didn’t have undue avalanche activity, except the usual. Superior did close the road for a few days, but I think that’s not unusual. The shot of the car upside down on the Alta lodge roof reminded me of a “not so tragic” car incident.

My first car was a 1941 Cadillac which was my dads he gave to me. The first thing I did was pull the back seat out and cut the cross braces so I could put a mattress down and carry my boards inside —– my first RV 🙂 I packed three friends and their gear in and off we drove to Utah for a winter of work and skiing at Alta. Getting there is another story saved for a margarita or 3! Once there and settled, I didn’t even think about, worry about, until probably sometime in March. The car was gone, were the hell did I park it —— it was buried under 10′ of snow. As you can imagine, it took a lot of probing, days of digging and days of trying to start it. Lucky cars built in those days were tough simple and resilient!

Mickey Munoz

Mickey Munoz -Alta-50's.jpeg


In No Bad Waves, published by Patagonia, Mickey Muñoz weaves the story of a California waterman.

Mickey Muñoz has been called the “surfer’s surfer,” and is loved and respected among the cognoscenti for his contributions to surfing and the surfing life for the past 60 years as a surfer, a pioneer of Waimea Bay, a stuntman (stand-in for Gidget), a board shaper and designer, and as a sailor and boatbuilder (America’s Cup). Mentored by the Malibu greats of the ’40s, and an influence on generations of surfers since, in this book published by Patagonia, Mickey weaves the story of a California waterman using his own life and that of his friends.