Odds Favor Wetter than Normal July as Monsoon Season Looms ~ NWS, Grand Junction

Odds Favor Wetter than Normal July as Monsoon Season Looms


The Climate Prediction Center recently released their latest monthly temperature and precipitation outlooks for July 2018. Odds are favoring wetter than normal conditions developing across much of the southwestern United States, especially in the Four Corners area. The wet conditions look to continue through September as the CPC’s three month outlook (including the months of July, August and September) shows odds favoring above normal precipitation. As far as temperatures are concerned, odds favor warmer than normal temperatures across Utah and into far western Colorado for July with above normal temperatures favored across the entire western United States through September.

July 2018 Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks

July 2018 Climate Outlook

Three Month Temperature and Precipitation Outlooks

(Including the months of July, August and September)

Three Month Climate Outlook


What is the Monsoon?

The North American Monsoon Season typically begins towards the end of July and continues through early September. It is associated with a long duration weather pattern shift as the subtropical ridge of high pressure amplifies and moves to our east. This results in a shift in upper level winds with the flow turning to the south, allowing for moisture to be pulled northward from the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Monsoon Schematic

Even after a rush of snow and rain, the thirsty Colorado River Basin is “not out of the woods yet”

Morrow Point Dam stands upstream of the Gunnison River. Morrow Point Dam was completed in 1971, the first large double-curvature, thin-arch dam built in the United States. Morrow Point Dam was created as part of the Colorado River Storage Project as a way to manage and control the Colorado River, of which the Gunnison River is the 5th largest tributary. through. (Dean Krakel, Special to The Colorado Sun)

It will take as many as 13 water years exactly like this one to erase the impacts of long-term drought in the West, Colorado River District engineers say

Oyama Ah Haa opening



a few sketches


The Master caught with two of his disciples/camp followers/handlers ~ B. Newman & rŌbert





J. Oyama with painting of his father


Pop (Vance) was a biochemist with NASA who experimented with some of moon rocks for signs of life. Big Nada. The array in front of him is a laboratory setup. After his contribution to the first Mars lander they named a crater after him. He was a little disappointed that I didn’t become a scientist. My goal was to be downwardly mobile & live in the mountains. The show started on the 6th, his birthday & D-Day.


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The “Open Container Law” does not mean that you can walk around with open containers.

With snow still looming in the nearby San Juan Mountains, Lake City prepares for a big spring runoff



Hinsdale County residents aren’t waiting for the deluge. They’ll leave if they must, but for now they’re making their stand — with sandbags.

Boulder the size of a building blocks Colorado highway ~ CNN