About Jerry & This Blog

“It’s the Truth Even If It Didn’t Happen” Ken Kesey

In his youth, Jerry left home in his old man’s pickup on a long road trip in search of the American Dream.  It was the beginning of a new life (post-Beat/pre-hippie). But more accurately, he drove head-on into the counterculture and had a pretty smooth ride all the way in.

After some digging, we’ve found that Jerry has been in the snow/avalanche business for 40 years… and after “worrying for a living” forecasting and mitigating avalanches on southwest Colorado highways, from Red Mountain Pass to Lizard Head and in the Chilean Andes, it was time for him to wander a different path. MountainWeatherMasters.

Jonathan Thompson, editor at High Country Newswhile accompanying Mr. Roberts on an avalanche control mission, referred to him as a Zen Redneck. Not sure what that means, you’d have to ask Mr. Thompson or visit Avalanche Zen

You could look at the Re’por as a docent of an old junk shop wandering around pointing out the more offbeat items on the shelves. Be assured there will be no pontificating, but maybe occasional bullshitting…

Rōbert told us only posts that are hopefully interesting or quirky or off the beaten path will appear and if he fails, he surely expects to feel the crack of the zen stick. Please dear reader …… you be the judge.

A buddhist’s two greatest sins ~~~ picking wildflowers and self-righteousness.


The Management


Don Rōbert preparing  for “Pisco Hour” at casa de Tim, a long time ago … Rio Blanco Chile

25 thoughts on “About Jerry & This Blog

  1. Jerry and Lisa ,
    Great job on the techno setup, Lisa! I’ll look forward to catching the occasional ravings, er, uh, insights, rather.
    Especially knowing they’ll be delivered with a twist that is both entertaining and thought provoking. Looking forward to shots of cleverness which I expect will flare up now and again on your blog, Jerry …
    Have fun with it,

  2. Hi Jerry,

    Very cool. Thanks for the invitation to join you on your trip. I look forward to the journey. Time to learn about blogging.


  3. Oh My ! Lisa what have you done? I am sure if this was available earlier it would have led to some sort of prison term. Good luck and if the Tea Bagger candidate is elected in Colorado I hope this is untraceable. In your pisco picture who is sneaking in the door in the shadows?

  4. Hi Jerry and Lisa,
    Looks good, now you can pontificate and set the world straight, but great to see your newest project.

  5. I have just stopped my subscription to the NY Times now that we have the Robert Report…watch out, Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd….Jerry is in town…
    I love it!

  6. Lisa, what an awesome gift to give Jerry for his (adjective missing) creative thoughts and wisdom. He’s the ultimate Renaissance Man. I enjoyed this blog. Sign me up.

  7. Jerry, it took awhile but I found you through doctor Alex in Boulder.
    Talk to you soon I hope. Rich (ricardo) Winters Great to see your website

  8. Jerry, I’ve got a bunch of Avalanche History of Ouray County INSTAAR occasional papers. Want ’em? Best to you both,

  9. Hey, someone in Rio Blanco told me about Tim Lane, the US skier guy living in town. As an expat skier living in South America, the idea of someone else doing it for years intrigued me. Is there any way you could give me his contact information? I would like to try conducting an interview (my first ever) to produce content on skiing in South America for a ski website (my first time contributing).

  10. Hi Jerry,
    I was reading your great story about Tony’s Tavern, (where I once bounced 6 $5 checks in one week), and saw a message from my long lost friend, Dennis (MAX) Herman. I would like so much to re-establish contact. I left a comment, but I don’t know if it went to you or him. Would you please let me know if you can help me make contact?
    Thank you,
    John Odlin. jodlin47@ gmail.com

  11. This is the best blog there is and the only one I’ve followed from the beginning. People I’ve known, a few who slept on my couch, keep turning up. The articles he
    picks to include are well worth reading. Congratulations, Jerry Roberts. Go viral!

  12. Synchronicty. In the last hour, I wrote to my cousin, then stumbled on to this blog after Googling “how can moral intelligent people support trump?”. All roads lead to Rome?

    Fun Fact: did you know that I once knew one of Ken Kesey’s Merry Band of Pranskers? Met her through Eswaran! Drove with her to Petaluma many times to hear meditation talks. in the late 80’s. Chloe Scott. What she never told me is that she was in the middle of that tale at all, back in 1964. (She was an older lady when I knew her). So I was surprised to recently see footage of a party she hosted at her New York apartment in 1964, a gathering that included Ken Kesey, Neal Cassidy, Jack Kerouac and Allan Ginsberg. Damn, Chloe, you never let on! I would have loved to hear all about it from you. And you left us in 2019, so now I never will. It’s ok.

    At least you left me able to say “Me ’n Cassidy, we both used to drive Chloe around”.

  13. PS – Hey, lots of connections. Red Mountain Pass? (My brothers from Alamosa drive Wolf Creek pass every other week these days, and we salute the pros who keep it open!)
    A Dharma driver of snowplows?
    How am I to believe this.
    Somebody who appreciates a god dog, too.
    (I think I should read some of your posts now 🙂

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