Hang 20: Abbie Girl Takes Top Pooch In World Dog Surfing Championship

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.16.40 PM.png

Few things are more delightful than a dog running on the beach. Except, maybe, a dog surfing on a beach.

Dozens of dogs — and more than 1,000 people — showed up to the second annual World Dog Surfing Championships Saturday in Pacifica, Calif.

Dog surfing is relatively new — the first competition was in San Diego 12 years ago.

And while the event may seem silly, competitive dog surfing is growing quickly, with contests in Hawaii, Florida, Texas and as far away as Australia.

Dogs compete solo, just dog and board, or tandem, with either a person or with another dog.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 7.17.30 PM.png

The dogs are scored by a group of three judges.

“No. 1 is stay on the board and No. 2 is looking happy,” Sam Stahl, one of the judges explained. “No one wants to see a dog terrified at the end of a surfboard.”

At the event, an Australian kelpie named Abbie Girl not only stayed on her board, but maneuvered it, too.

Her board is custom built for a dog — it’s short and has a bright orange blaze down the bottom with her name on it.


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