George Gardner ~ July 19, 2008 ~ el otro lado






While Ryōkan (1758-1831) a notorious haiku poet, calligrapher and Buddhist monk, spent his hermitage deep in the mountains, he often visited the neighboring villages to play with the children, drink sakè with the farmers, or visit his friends. He slept when he wanted and frequently joined the dancing parties held in the summer. He had simple needs and if he had anything extra he gave it away. He never preached or exhorted, but his life radiated purity and joy. He respected everyone and bowed whenever he met those who labored or walked the paths. His love for children and flowers is proverbial among the Japanese. Often he spent the entire day playing with the children or picking flowers, completely forgetting his begging for that day. He was continually smiling and everyone he visited felt as if “spring had come on a dark winter’s day.”

Jorge shared these traits. We think of you often and when questioning ourselves, ask, “What would Jorge do?”

Salud Jorge






5 thoughts on “George Gardner ~ July 19, 2008 ~ el otro lado

  1. So lovely Jorge!! My birthday is July 18 and George is always with me. He would be 70 like I am as of yesterday. So loved that man.

  2. I remember George asking to try my new ice tools, and so we swapped tools mid-pitch, him soloing, me on top rope about 80′ above the river in Box Canyon. He was so calm, so patient and so present in whatever he was doing. I’ll do some cross-crawls today and channel him as best I can. Peace.

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